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Product Warranty

Product Warranty Policy



OPL Auto Parts, Inc. provides a ten-year warranty based on date of purchase if customer experience a manufacturing defect. The warranty cover transfer of any vehicle contains an OPL Auto Parts, Inc.’s product with proof of purchase date.



  1. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims

  2. At least two pictures of the damage or leak

  3. Send to


Exceptions and exclusions 


  1. The component damage due to product is altered or modified.

  2. The component damage due to internal or external corrosion. This includes the effect of electrolysis from internal cooling fluids and/or salt air corrosion.

  3. At the judgment of OPL, the part has been misused, subjected to negligence, or operating conditions in excess of the product’s original designed.

  4. The component is damaged due to a damaged vehicle engine temperature warning system or any other damage car components.

  5. The incorrect installation causing damage to threads, fittings, or connections.

  6. Component damage due to external forces such as a collision or getting hit by road debris.

  7. Component damage due to clogging up which is commonly caused by contaminated coolant.

  8. Any equipment has been modified or repaired without prior approval from OPL Auto Parts, Inc.

  9. Any consequential and incidental charges including those results from towing, shipping, loss of time, overnight lodging, meals, a replacement vehicle, or rentals

  10. The aftermath of physical or chemical properties of steam or other liquids or gases used in the component

  11. Allegations for engine damage created by overheating, since all vehicles are equipped with warning lights or gauges that serve to provide a warning long before engine damage occurs.


 There is no shipping charges for a factory defect under warranty within the first 30 days of purchase. After 30 days,   buyer is responsible for all shipping on warranty claims


This warranty limits the relief of replacement or repair of any defective parts at the prudence of OPL Auto Parts, Inc. The relief to the warranty does not include any unauthorized material, labor, or shipping costs.




 Product can be returned within 30 days of the purchase date. If the item is different with description, please notify OPL within 14 days after the receive date. The return goods must be in the original box and undamaged.

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